Sunday, April 25, 2010

been awhile, i know i know

hey everyone!! i know its been awhile - things are busy since im living in bris and driving to the coast.
im loving the long weekend- watched old reruns of fast foward and full frontal (so 90s lol)
work tomorrow - but i so need it, im terribly poor at the moment.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


thats right folks
im babysitting
raking in the money
over the past 5 years of at least weekly babysitting i have made a small gold mine.

today - watched 3 episodes of fringe

then went to babysitting and made playdough

tempted to watch the all stars NRL game on tv, but knowing matt is taping it makes me feel confident i will watch it again....and again....and again.... and again...

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Matty and i celebrated our 1 and a half year anniversary today - i took him to the brisbane roar soccer game

we sat in whats called "the den", where all the hard core supporters are....the only problem was, they were up and jumping, around, icouldnt see, and had to stand....the entire game (yeah, thats right, 90 mins long !!)

They had banners, flags, and sung songs with drums....most craziest atmosphere!!

all in all, I'd do it again :P

Friday, January 22, 2010



LET me out!
Let me out

I dont want to have a Harry Potter movie marathon!!!

Travel Brochures...Dream on Marlee

The other day, Matt and I got some America brochures - had Disney land and all other places like Las Vegas where i have wanted to go (hey, why not get hitched there too and have Elvis as the priest)!
Just made me realise how in debt i am with my car and that i only just had enough spare money for my haircut today....

Child care isnt the most money making of careers, yet i can't imagen my life without it..Being a rolemodell and having a blast 5 days a week suits me just fine!

I know i can be happy where ever I am, that is working or holidays

For now, I will continue to dream....


Matty just got foxtel know what that means ladies....


and lots of them...
so unfortunet.. i was just beginning to relax and watch some tv on my holiday.

i just saw the most horrifying thing....the Aimee insurance lady on the commerical is no how a semi look alike....but where did the real amiee go....first they took the brand power lady (she moves the products too fast on the screen).

today on the list... shaved my legs, got my hair cut fairly short, got eyebrows waxed....Then there was the armpit shaving for a month to see if i could win 10 dollars.....couldnt do it :P Now i'm very weird about my arm hairs, i went 2 weeks, felt grose, shaved, and now shave them daily, even when nothing is there :P

when i was at blockbuster the other day, i found a horrow movie for sale that i had been trying to find and buy for years....... went to sanity music dvd store, they said it would be 39.95 to order it in and that would be the sale price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blockbuster, after all this time - only 6.95! BARGIN!!!!!!!

So impressed with myself

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My life is so poo-eee

OMG worst thing ever!
went outside after my few days away at matts parents and what do i find

My lantern - in the tree
from the rain and also maybe the hot sun

i just cant get a grips on myself :P

we had so many good times together...

first i set it free from the 2 dollar shop
then there was the fun car ride home
then it looked so in place where it was hanging...

I will leave it up there until its totally white!!!!

Today we are getting foxtell installed (im not paying for it, matty is). We are getting the sports channels....all 24 hours of them!
We had some complications with the foxtel agreeement and the realty place but thankfully it all worked out ...